• PLEK Methodology

    We love what we do.

  • Participatory Theatre


    Theatre is a pedagogical process and serves as a mirror to enable individuals and communities to reflect on their challenges, analyze their realities and search for perspectives to overcome undesirable situations.


    More importantly, our method goes beyond theatre, it aims to provoke social, concrete and continuous actions in real life. In short, we offer life-changing theatre. We see theatre as a training ground for action.


    Furthermore, our audience is actively and directly involved in the creative process and they become co-authors, editors, and observers of their own work.


    We creatively blend two methods: Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Arts.

    We facilitate full embodiment of the arts as a real instrument for social and political change.

    • Theatre of the Oppressed

    Theatre of the Oppressed (hereafter TO) is a methodology created by Augusto Boal in Brazil in the 1970s. It was created to give the ‘oppressed’ a voice and to ‘humanize humanity’ through theatre based on the fact that every human being is theatre. After all, we all play different roles in our lives and are, in fact, all actors. By playing with situations from real life, you give yourself and others the possibility to gain new insights to implement in your own life and as such in the communities you are part of.


    This methodology allows to explore both on an individual and collective level, and both subjectively and objectively what is happening in a certain unwanted or complex situation. Through the use of games, trust exercises, play, and the power of imagination we explore together habitual behaviour, analyse structures of power and oppression, engage in a dialogue and act out the change we want to see in our world.


    In summary, TO:

    • Boosts imagination and creativity which result in positivity and self-confidence.

    • Helps to understand yourself and the world(s) around you.

    • And, most importantly, how we might consequently change those worlds.

    • Inspires you to observe, analyze and challenge belief systems.

    • Participatory Arts

    Participatory Arts directly engages the audience in the creative process so that they become participants in the outcome. In this respect, we are all artists! We are all collaborators and a co-producers of the plays.

    Augusto Boal: "We are all actors: being a citizen is not living in society, it is changing it"

  • "If you don’t DO anything different,
    there won’t BE anything different!"

  • Pedagogical process

    Our goal is to unfold concrete, social and continuous actions to transform realities.


    We create a safe learning space(s) and guide group process to get deeper on what is alive within the group.


    We love to play! Our processes are full of creative games and exercises: warm-ups, interrelation, concentration, attention and improvisation!


    From guided physical dialogue to being fully accountable for the creative process. When dialogue goes beyond words! We use our words, but more importantly our body, sound, paint... to liberate ourselves and connect to the artist and playful side of you.

    Promote CHANGE

    We create a safe learning space(s) and guide group process to get deeper on what is alive within the group.

  • Theatre of the Oppressed

    Theatre of the Oppressed Tree from Augusto Boal
    Forum theatre
    Forum Theatre is at the core of Theatre of the Oppressed.
    What's special about Forum Theatre?
    The audience is encouraged to stop the action when they think it necessary, to suggest a different action. The person who stops the play steps in and take over the role of one of the characters - or even introduce a new one.
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