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    12-week theatre course

    Kick-start your performance skills!

    A practical introduction to the fundamentals of Theatre led by three diverse theatre practitioners.


    Prerequisite: None
    Schedule: 12 Thursdays (15 March to 31 May)
    Class Length: 2,5 hours (30 hours total)
    Class Size: 12 participants max
    Tuition: 220 Euros


    Register here

    Participatory theatre and beyond with PLEKmaken

    Theatre Group

    Forum Theatre Group


    Every Friday


    from 19.30 to 21.30


    in Amsterdam



    The group is currently full. For more information, please contact us at ana@plek-maken.nl

    Forum theatre training with PLEKmaken Netherlands


    Forum Theatre Lab

    We organise Introduction to FORUM Theatre Lab regularly.




    Prerequisite: None
    Schedule: 10 & 11 March
    Class Length: 10 hours total
    Class Size: 10 participants max
    Tuition: 50 Euros


    Register here

    Forum theatre training with PLEKmaken Netherlands

    Participatory Art Methodologies Sessions

    Participatory pedagogies sessions for professionals

    PAMs - Participatory Art Methodologies Sessions - is a series of monthly long-weekend led by professionals who use innovative and transdisciplinary approaches in the field of Participatory Arts.


    The invitees will share their tools and its creative findings and the participants will have the chance to learn how to apply those elements to their own practices.



    Learn more here

  • In April we organised a Participatory Shadow Theatre Workshop

    Workshop hosted by Evan Hasting

    Participatory Shadow Theatre

    Shadow Liberation uses creatively crafted visual stories to captivate the imagination and invite audiences to interrupt the injustice of gender violence. This artistic dialogue offers no quick fix solutions but rather places faith in the emerging ethics of the community to creatively address the problem. We invite you to face the shadows through remarkable works of participatory shadow theatre. Click here for more info.



    ★ Who is this for? ★
    Artists, activists, theatre-makers, facilitators, teachers, therapists, social workers, anyone concerned with gender issues and anyone interested in using creative tools to address complex social challenges

    ★ Trainer ★
    Evan Hastings is a theatre practitioner and Founder/Director of Shadow Liberation, an interactive shadow theatre ensemble based at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, in Bangalore, India. Evan has an MA in Counselling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, USA and a BA in Performance Education from the Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA. Click here for more info.

    ★ Date ★

    New days coming soon

    ★ Location


    ★ Registration fee ★

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