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    Augusto Boal: "Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it"

  • Our Purpose as Promoters of Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Arts

    We strive for a world where there is a space for exploring, learning and understanding each other. We believe in passion (expression of the individual) and compassion (connection to others) as core life-giving forces. We believe in working together for social justice. We strive to go deeper into social issues and challenge the current status-quo.


    We want to create and facilitate the acting space (this is why we are called PLEK, translating into 'the space') where these values are always at the center of all our activities.


    We are playful, curious, passionate and energetic about facilitating dialogue and unfolding new perspectives to create a healthier and stronger world.

    participatory arts and theatre to improve people's lives

    Improve people's lives

    Unfold and facilitate dialogue to address social issues

    We facilitate processes where individuals discover multiple perspectives about their personal and community issues in a safe and playful space.

    participatory arts and theatre to create a better world

    Create a better world

    Build a healthier and stronger society

    We host and deliver quality, safe, creative and meaningful spaces to promote dialogue around complex social issues.

  • Achieving our purpose

    We love to design and facilitate learning spaces. We are passionate about using Participatory Theatre as our main method to create a space that is active, very playful and deepening at the same time.


    The mission of PLEK is to promote Participatory Art and Theatre as a method for social change and transformation.


    We love working with allies and partners locally and globally.

    Why do we care?

    Are you wondering why we care? Or why we are taking a stand for justice?

    We have the desire and the need to create and facilitate spaces for individuals and communities to dialogue and express themselves freely and creatively. We believe that by creating these spaces the world becomes a better place where individuals and communities can prosper and generate equal opportunities for everyone.

    "Have the Courage to be Happy" - Augusto Boal


    Do you have the courage to be happy?

  • Our Story

    PLEK is a non-profit self-financing organization based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The team consists of passionate trainers in Participatory Arts, Drama and Theatre of the Oppressed. PLEK was founded in March 2013 by a group of passionate practitioners who wanted to use Art and Theatre to change the world and the issues around the community.


    Currently at PLEK we are:

    • UnTheatre | A social theatre based in Amsterdam
    • 12-Week Theatre Course | New course starts in September
    • Forum theatre play on the reintegration of ex-homeless people
    • Working with youth in communities on their future prospects & dreams
    • Blending participatory arts and social entrepreneurship as a method to generate social innovation
    • Facilitation workshops with refugees and migrants for inclusion

    The goal of all our combined efforts is to support the empowerment of individuals and communities, so they might lead the best possible life which they choose for themselves.


    Trainers of PLEK have gone through the one-year training course, several masterclasses and internships by teachers from well-known institutes.

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